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Weathertex highly recommends the use of a cavity fixing system to provide the best protection for your wall against condensation problems such as mould, timber rot, corrosion and loss of thermal resistance.

In order to prevent vermin and other unwanted material entering the cavity, the base of the cavity must be sealed using the Weathertex cavity closer. Designed for uninterrupted airflow through the cavity, a cavity closer strip must be installed at the base of the wall, above window heads and inter-storey flashings. It is important that the openings in the cavity closer are kept clear and unobstructed to allow free drainage and ventilation of the cavity.

This cavity closer is suitable when using a 20mm thermal break on steel frames, Classic 200mm and Classic 300mm weatherboards, and Primelok weatherboards.

  • Large 20mm profile
  • 1830mm in length
  • Suitable when using a 20mm thermal break (steel frames), and Classic or Primelok weatherboards
  • Fix near the base plate with 30mm x 2.8mm flat head galvanised nails at 300mm centres
  • Butt join leaving a no-gap finish