Key Benefits:

  • Fills gaps, cracks, holes and other forms of damage and imperfection in most common building materials
  • 2-Part filler; cures effectively on non-porous substrates such as metal
  • Interior/exterior (if protected)
  • Will not shrink or slump
  • Easy to sand and paint
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Product Description

FullaFll™ building filler is a two-part polyester putty from H.B. Fuller, designed to easily fill gaps and holes with no shrinkage or slump. Suitable for interior or exterior applications where no movement is expected, FillaFill™ builder’s bog sets rock hard in quick-time … you’ll be able to nail, drill, sand and paint it, all before smoko.

FullaFill™ forms a strong bond to most common building materials including fibre cement sheets, plasterboard, timber, particleboard, MDF, masonry, ceramics, fibreglass, concrete and steel. Any tradie worth their salt will keep a tin of FullaFill™ on hand, it’s the multi-purpose gap filler that works fast!

  • Multi-purpose polyester putty
  • Fills gaps, cracks and holes in most common building materials
  • Designed for applications where no movement is expected
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Sets rock hard, fast
  • Will not shrink or slump
  • Easily drilled, nailed, sanded and painted
  • Typical cure time of 30 minutes or less
  • Clean up non-cured excess with acetone
  • Ideal for builders and tradespople, delivers professional results
  • 1kg container