ARCH PRIMED FJ *H3* T/P 1RE 66X19 5.4

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Architraves and skirtings frame the access points to a room, governing the style and design for all trim work. Installed around windows, doors and where the floor meets a wall, this mould is suitable for any exterior or interior fix-out application that requires a high quality, great looking and functional finish.

It is manufactured from sustainable plantation grown radiata pine which has been milled, kiln dried and docked to remove knots and visible imperfections. The laminated finger-joint moulding uses a moisture-resistant glue, offering further strength and flexibility.

H3 treated architrave and skirting is designed for outdoor use. The special treatment process it undergoes during manufacture makes it particularly resistant to rot, fungus, insects and termites.

Coated with multiple primer applications, the resultant superior finish helps reduce the effects of raised grain and visible finger joints, whilst remaining both flexible and tough, with the added advantage of being ‘top coat ready’.

Off-cuts of primed or painted timber should not be burnt, but instead disposed of in council approved landfill or incineration sites. In addition, the sawdust and shavings should not be used for mulch or animal bedding.

  • Pencil round profile
  • Pre-primed – requires little or no sanding prior to painting
  • H3 treatment makes it termite, borer, rot and fungal resistant
  • A natural product, easy to work with
  • Light yet strong and stable
  • Defect-free
  • Manufactured from 100% renewable radiata plantation pine