Product Description


Continuous Rolls

A unique one piece extruded foam with no laminations or joins.

Closed Cell

Non absorbent and impervious to most liquids.


Superior compression and recovery properties, vital to ensure a good joint filler.

  • Excellent weatherability and resistance to ultra violet light
  • Highly resistant to temperature, acids, alkalis, oils and solvents

Reduces Job Time

Supplied with one-sided Acrylic Adhesive for faster installation.

Easy to Use

Light, flexible and easily cut and fabricated on site with a sharp knife, plus it is zipped for easy on site clear off.

Very Clean

Will not bleed, mark and effect other prodcuts during storage.

Zip Top

FOAMJOINT™ pre-cut zip top expansion joint material provides instillation options for when a sealant is to be used.

  • Designed for easy on site tear off for sealant applications
  • Zipped approximately 10mm from the edge
  • The zipping ensures a clean tear every time
  • When the application does not require a sealant, FOAMJOINT™ should be installed upside down, with the zipped top down to avoid unwanted removal


FOAMJOINT™ void filler has the edge through superior performance and ease of application, resulting in welcomed cost savings.


FOAMJOINT™ is always readily available.

Safe to Handle

Non toxic, non irritant; can be handled without gloves or special precautions.

Easy to Install

Light, flexible and easily cut and fabricated on site.

Supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive for faster and easier installation.