Product Description

HardiePanel™ compressed sheet is an extremely dense, hard-wearing and long lasting structural flooring substrate made from compressed fibre cement (CFC), designed to take ceramic tile finishes over timber or lightweight steel floor joists.

It can be used in both residential and commercial buildings as a sub-floor internally for tiled wet-area floors, or externally for tiled balconies, verandas and decks. It’s a remarkably durable, moisture-resistant alternative to plywood and particleboard flooring, and a lightweight alternative to concrete.

HardiePanel™ compressed sheet can also be used as formwork in a range of industrial and commercial applications such as bridges and roadworks, providing it’s been approved by the engineer of course!

The Building Code of Australia regards HardiePanel™ as non-combustible, so it can be utilised for floors in bushfire-prone areas.

  • Extremely durable, hard-wearing, stable and long lasting sub-floor
  • Suitable for internal or external applications
  • Resistant to damage from moisture, rot, termites and fire
  • Deemed non-combustible by the Building Code of Australia
  • 10 year warranty when installed and maintained correctly