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The timber hardwood lining board solution for an indoor or alfresco area

The timber hardwood lining board solution for an indoor or alfresco area

We all know timber is a natural product and is susceptible to the conditions of its environment. Factors that affect a timbers state include:

  • Humidity and moisture of the environment 
  • Acclimatising timber onsite before installation 
  • Ventilation  
  • Weather conditions or an event (harsh or extreme weather such a prolonged dry drought or extend periods of rain) 

This includes not only where its stored on or off site prior to installation, but also specifically where timber products are going to be used long term.  

We know the difference of the environments between internal use and outdoor use may be obvious. But have you also considered that the environment of your outdoor site may not be what you think it is? How often do you use a moisture metre to really check and make sure you’ve covered off all the above factors that affect a timbers state? 

Understanding how timber interacts with the environment is very important for a successful installation! If there is high humidity in the air, timber takes this moisture in and swells. This is why it needs to have somewhere to expand – aka the expansion gap. 

Traditionally, with lining boards in alfresco areas, this type of installation requires a 12mm intermediate expansion gap every 4 to 6 metres across the ceiling, between the boards. This particular look is quite unique and not always popular.

Silvertop Shadowline

Silvertop Shadowline


The team at Hurford’s recognised that not everyone wants to achieve this look, and their client would prefer a more seamless look without the expansion gaps, as well as giving them peace of mind that the timbers will still last in the outdoor environment. So they created a product specifically for this application! 

Silvertop Shadowline

The way Hurford’s cut these hardwood lining boards allows for extremely tight machining tolerances to allow for a quicker and easier installation. 

Did you know, the Australian Standard actually allows for a 3.0m lining board to have 15mm of ‘spring’ (what most people call bow in wood)?

This can make installing these types of lining boards extremely difficult to keep straight. The way Hurford’s cut the woodLINE board, using a ‘straight-line process’, means ‘spring’ is kept to a maximum of around 3mm, making it a lot easier to install and keep the product straight. 

Due to the woodLINE’s narrow moisture content, it is a more robust product that will still allow for movement in the timber and stop the product from buckling or distorting due to the weather conditions. 

woodLINE is also machined with a reversible profile, meaning you can provide your client with an option of either an: 

  • Open VJ profile; or 
  • Shadow Line Profile 


To make it even better, it is also designed with a built-in nailing guide to make installing even easier and quicker!

  • Species:  Brush Box, Grey Ironbark, Silvertop, Spotted Gum and Sydney Blue Gum 
  • Sizes: 75 x 12mm, 122 x 12mm 
  • Lengths: Random (.6 to 4.5 in length) 
  • Profile: Shadow Line Reversible Open VJ, End Matched 
  • Grades: Prestige or Rustic 
  • Pre-oil: Yes available on request 
  • Bushfire rating:  
    • BAL29: Spotted Gum. 
    • BAL12.5/ BAL19: Brushbox, Grey Ironbark, Silvertop (Stringybark), Sydney Bluegum 

Available at NHS now by special order 

  • Silvertop prestige grade: ETA 1 week 
  • Spotted Gum prestige grade: ETA 1 week 
  • Grey Ironbark prestige grade: ETA 1 week 
  • Brushbox prestige grade: ETA 3 weeks 
  • Sydney Blue gum prestige grade: ETA 3 weeks 
  • Rustic grades in all species are subject to availability 

Check out the Installation Guide here.

The Hurford’s team also has technical support at the ready for any of your more complex questions.  

Now on display at NHS Cardiff!