Product Description
Reduce Time and Labour Cost — The Quik Drive® Advantage

Maximise your fastening efficiency on a broad range of applications from decking and siding to roofing and steel framing and everything in-between.

Simpson Strong-Tie’s Quik Drive® Auto-Feed Screw Driving Systems feature quick loading yellow strip screws, precise countersink adjustment, and a patented auto advance mechanism. This enables you to improve the quality and speed of your work while reducing wastage and money spent on the job.

The Quik Drive® Auto-Feed Screw Driving System features a countersink adjustment function that allows the user to adjust the driving depth of the fastener to ensure consistent fastener penetration based on the material and application.

Once the countersink depth is set the driver bit will automatically disengage from the head of the fastener once the desired penetration depth is achieved, thus preventing over-driving. With screws driven at the desired depth every time without the need to slow down or check each fastener you can work faster with more consistent results.