• Working time 6 mins
  • Curing time 45 mins
  • Water filled holes
  • ETA Approval
  • Cracked Concrete ETA

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Product Description

When its CODE BLUE its PolyPRO.

ICCONS® BIS-P Gen2 PolyPRO is a Fast Cure, Styrene Free, Marine Grade Injection System for Anchoring Threaded Rod into Concrete, Hollow Brick and Block. Now with ETA Assessment Option 1 for cracked and non-cracked concrete and C1 & C2 seismic performance ratings. ETA approved for use in wet and water flooded holes. This economical chemical adhesive anchor is ideal for medium load requirment jobs in both the professional and DIY spaces.


• MEDIUM Load Performance

• ETA Approved for use in dry, wet and waterflooded holes

• Fast 45min cure at 20ºC dry concrete

• Application temperature to -5ºC

• Seismic approved for threaded rod (C1 & C2 – refer to TDS for details)

• Cracked concrete compliant for threaded rod


• Infrastructure construction (roads, viaducts, sound barriers, crash barriers, harbours, high rise construction, steel construction)

• Production Facilities (installation of cranes, robots, converyor lines etc.)

• Suitable for threaded rod and rebar into base materials such as concrete, hollow brick and block (hollow base materials may require mesh or plastic sleeves for correct application).

Use Conditions

• Static and quasi-static loads; threaded rod M8 to M24, rebar Ø 8 to Ø 25

• Seismic action for performance category C1: threaded rod M8 to M16*

• Seismic action for perfromace category C2: threaded rod M12 to M16*

• In reinforced or unreinforced, cracked and non-cracked concrete classes C20/25 to C50/60

• In dry, wet and flooded holes

• Structures subject to dry internal and permanent damp internal conditions

• Structures subject to external atmospheric exposure

• Overhead installation allowed

*See Tech Data Sheets for more information