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Traditional bushfire resistant timbers can often be difficult to source and difficult to work with, resulting in longer lead times, unnecessary oversupply, longer construction times and additional costs.  

Introducing Flamefixx dFx® - the first impregnated treated pine product that is flame resistant and produces zero smoke emissions that is hazard class 3 (H3). 

A World First 

With the rapid increase of Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rated areas across Australia, the requirement for BAL rated products has never been more important. ITI Australia, the country’s largest independent timber wholesaler, have partnered with Wood Modification Technologies to develop and patent dFx. 

dFx is a world first technology, combining a flame retardant and preservative into the one process.  

When using timber in a BAL rated area, you previously were limited to specific BAL hardwoods and a small range of other speciality products.

With the introduction of FLAMEfixx products, there is now a comprehensive range of lengths and dimensions, combining the workability and cost effectiveness of treated pine in KD MGP10 and F7, as well as premium grade decking and screening products.

FLAMEfixx is sourced from sustainable resources, environmentally friendly and safe for use in high-contact areas. 

FLAMEfixx dFx is currently available in 90 x 22mm decking boards, 68 x 19mm screening and a range of MGP10 and F7 structural timber, commonly used for bearers and joists.

All FLAMEfixx products are edge branded with the BAL-29 Australian Standard number, making it easier for certification once installed. 

25 Year Warranty

FLAMEfixx has a 25 year warranty against fungal decay and termites.

In line with best building practice, we also recommend to re-seal any cut ends with Enseal to also be in line with these warranty guidelines.

Care & Maintenance

Like all natural timbers, applying a coating is highly recommended. For best results, use penetrating oils, stains or other timber coatings on all FLAMEfixx dFx products to protect against water ingress, cracking & checking.


It is recommended that fasteners used with FLAMEfixx dFx products are 304 Extreme stainless steel, 316 stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanised.

View our range of fasteners here

FLAMEfixx is available at NHS now in a 48 hour lead time and available in job lots

  • H3 Premium Screening
    • 68 x 19mm
    • *Random lengths incl a 4.8m (heavy)
  • H3 Premium Decking 
    • 90 x 22mm
    • *Random lengths incl a 4.8m (heavy)
  • H3 Structural Timbers
    • 90 x 45mm MGP10  x 3.6/4.8/5.4/6.0m 
    • 140 x 45mm MGP10  x 3.6/4.8/5.4/6.0m
    • 190 x 45mm MGP10  x 3.6/4.8/5.4/6.0m
    • 240 x 45mm F7 - Subject to length availability, please check stock prior to ordering.
    • 290 x 45mm F7 - Subject to length availability, please check stock prior to ordering.