Key Benefits:

  • Premium quality, flexible construction sealant accommodating up to ±20% joint movement
  • Fire rated for up to 4 hrs in joints up to 50 mm when tested in accordance with AS1530.4
  • Intumescent; expands to compensate for deflection of building elements that result from exposure to extreme heat or fire
  • Non-hazardous, free from solvents, isocyanates and asbestos
  • Excellent acoustic performance; low shore A hardness and high density formula achieving up to Rw 65 (-2;-5) when tested in accordance with AS1276.1
  • Low VOC Green star project compliant sealant, 31g/L (SCAQM Rule 1168.)
  • Paintable
  • UV Stable
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Product Description
Firesound™ is a fire rated acoustic sealant, formulated primarily to perform as a barrier to the incursion of fire through expansion joints and wall penetrations such as pipes or cables.

Key Benefits
  • Fire rating for gaps up to 50mm
  • Up to 4 hour fire rating (AS1530.4-2005)
  • Excellent acoustic properties (STC 65)
  • Good flexibility; +/- 20% joint movement capability
  • Paintable
  • Intumescent; expands when exposed to fire or extreme heat