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Bradford Fireseal™ Party Wall Batts are designed for installation in party wall vertical joint applications only. Manufactured from non-combustible ROCKWOOL™, a formulated material specifically designed to meet the fire protection requirements for inter-tenancy walls, these batts must be fitted tightly and accurately.

Thanks to the incredible properties of ROCKWOOL™, these batts offer a highly durable and cost-effective form of fire insulation. This translates into Fireseal™ Party Wall Batts showing remarkable resistance to shrinkage at high temperatures, good levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, with water having no adverse affect on performance.

Fireseal™ Party Wall Batts must be compressed by a minimum of 10% of the original thickness when installed. As required, they can be stacked to fill cavities up to 225mm in height, providing joins are staggered and it’s installed as one unit.

  • Intended for party wall vertical joint applications only
  • Can be stacked to fill cavities up to 225mm (using staggered joints)
  • Made from ROCKWOOL™ – a blend of rock, basalt, anorthosite and carbonates
  • Non-combustible
  • Incredible resistance to shrinkage at high temperatures
  • Performance is not adversely affected by contact with water
  • Easy installation, simply cut to fit
  • Must be compressed by 10% of original thickness at time of installation
  • Approximately 28% of raw materials are recycled
  • Non-carcinogenic, safe for building occupants
  • 1200mm x 168mm x 100mm
  • 5 pieces per pack
  • Note – this product is not appropriate to seal areas at the top of masonry and lightweight wall systems

Stocked at Lambton and Cardiff stores only, but can be transported to other stores upon order.