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Structnail is a steel frame fastener game-changer

Structnail is a steel frame fastener game-changer

Building successfully with steel framing requires some tooling changes which will make the transition for your “chippies” easier. In this instance the combination of pneumatic coil nailer and The Structnail® Gripshank™ SuperSharpy™ nails are specifically designed and engineered for installation for a wide range of materials and provide excellent pull-out and shear loads into steel frame sections as thin as 0.55mm.

The combination of the right products, optimised design, and specialised engineering, makes ICCONS’ Structnail® range of innovative steel frame fasteners a game changer in this space. Structnail® is a coil nailing system is dedicated for steel frames that eliminates screw fixing, enabling the steel frame construction or install to be as efficient as nailing to timber frames. 

The engineered ‘super sharp’ point and ‘gripshank’ knurling create an instant fused connection impressively simple and with rapid fire installation speed that is unmatched by traditional screw or riveting systems.

The applications for Structnail® are plentiful and really come into their own with external cladding applications, starting with the building wrap which is simply installed with the nail/washer combination.

Ply bracing, thermal break fastening and external nailing  of the cladding back to the steel frame provides the finished fix with a variety of nail lengths to suit various applications.

Additional other structural steel frame applications include plated lintels and cross bracing support fixing.

ICCONS Super Sharpy for James Hardie and Weathertex Cladding

The big news is that the engineers of the two largest cladding suppliers, James Hardie and Weathertex, have approved the use of Structnail® with their external cladding products! 

James Hardie compatible products Weathertex compatible products
Weathertex Weatherboards

ICCONS PT2000 proprietary coating ensures warranty compliance for external applications to a category 3 level and all nails are head stamped to ensure brand traceability and quality assurance.

Features and Benefits of using Structnail®

  • Pneumatic driven for rapid and ease of install.
  • Helical design for high performance in steel.
  • Standard collation to fit multiple 15 Degree coil nailer brands.
  • Engineered point and knurled shank for fastening into 0.55 to 2.5mm steel
  • PT2000 coating for up to external category 3 applications
  • High pull-out loads
  • Made in the USA
  • 6-8 times faster installation than conventional methods
  • No pre-drilling required
  • Approved with industry leading cladding systems such as James Hardie and Weathertex
  • Perfect for both on-site and off-site installation (prefab steel frame construction)

For more information or an onsite demonstration on how Structnail® can help with your next steel frame project, simply get in touch with us here and we'll be happy to help out.

NHS is stocking the ICCONS® Structnail® range at all three branches.
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