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Cutek decking oil

Cutek decking oil

With a wide range of decking oils on the market, deciding on the product that’s best suited to your specific project can be challenging.

Meet Cutek.

Cutek oil is different to other leading wood coatings, as it diffuses deeply into the timber – protecting it from the inside out. This allows the timber to repel moisture – minimising any warping, cupping or splitting. Furthermore, because Cutek is oil based you don’t need to worry about any cracking or peeling down the track (which can happen with other film forming products). Oh… and Cutek is developed and manufactured right here in Australia, specifically for Australian conditions… so you can be absolutely confident it’ll do the job.

New Look. Still Awesome.

If you’re already familiar with Cutek, there’s a good chance you’ll know about the Cutek CD50 and Cutek Extreme products. As of May, Cutek is simplifying things, and there will now just be the one product – Cutek Extreme CD50 (see what they did there?)

What’s the difference I hear you ask?

Cutek CD50 was the original Cutek oil. A few years back, Cutek released Cutek Extreme, which was basically a super charged version of the CD50. It no longer made sense to continue with two separate products, so Cutek will now just produce Cutek Extreme. And to avoid confusion – Cutek have rebranded the product to include both the Extreme and CD50 names that Cutek enthusiasts have come to know and love. That’s it in a nutshell.

Get the Look You Want.

We regularly hear from customers that they want their timber to have that ‘natural weathered look’ – just without it actually weathering. Cutek is perfect for this as it can be applied in clear… so you get that lovely natural patina over time, whilst still benefiting from Cutek protection.

On the other hand, for those of you who desire that ‘freshly oiled look’, Cutek offers a range of Colourtones. With UV protection, the Colourtones can be matched to your timber and even used to enhance colour accents within particular species.

How Does It Stay Awesome?

Using Cutek from the start of your timber’s journey is ideal. But if you haven’t treated your timber, OR it’s been treated with something else, all is not lost. Cutek have a range of timber cleaning products that help prepare timber before applying Cutek oil. Depending on the timber, a sand may also be required… but the good news is that once timber has been protected with Cutek, it should never need sanding again. So when it’s time for maintenance, simply use the cleaning products, apply the oil, and she’ll be as good as new.


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