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HardieBreak™ thermal strip has been specifically designed for use behind James Hardie™ and Scyon™ external cladding on steel frames to reduce thermal bridging.

The closed-cell polyolefin insulating material in combination with the unique dual-layer configuration of HardieBreak™ thermal strip contribute to its excellent compression resistance and great strength. These performance attributes enable it to provide the necessary support to the cladding to help reduce facade waviness.

HardieBreak™ thermal strip has been designed to fit the height of common wall frames to minimise on-site cutting and wastage, although any cutting is simply done with a knife. The self-adhesive backing tape on HardieBreak™ thermal strip sticks directly to vapour permeable barrier for easy and fast installation.

Once installed, HardieBreak™ thermal strip improves a walls thermal performance by up to 10% compared to many other commonly available thermal break strips and up to 30% compared to walls having no thermal break at all.

  • 43mm wide x 12mm thick
  • 2750mm in length
  • Specifically designed for use on steel framed constructions
  • Improves thermal performance
  • Provides excellent compression resistance and great strength
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Non-absorbent, mould and termite resistant
  • Satisfies BCA thermal break requirements